The first part of this page covers type collecting of circulating coins.

This type of collecting includes all major changes to each denomination, but excludes small changes, most notably the date and marks specific to particular branch mints.

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World Coin Types

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Chronology of Canadian Coins

I have put together a listing of all Canadian Maple Leaf Bullion Coins. You can see images and specifications of each of the true bullion, and collector coins.

Chronology of Canadian NCLT Coins

As with any collector, as I buy new coins, I also need to sell old coins. On Polsson's Garage Sale, I have some coins listed, among all sorts of other goodies.

Chronology of Circulating Canadian Coins

I have a web site called Coins on Postage Stamps, where I am describing and showing all world postage stamps that depict coins.

A Brief Timeline of Canadian Coins

For some 25 years, I have slowly collected items that incorporate the design of coins, stamps, or paper money.



You know, $100 bills on a roll of toilet paper, or chocolate coins, or postcards showing a country's coins. I have now scanned and described my collection; it's a fun and inexpensive hobby. Have a look around, I'm sure you'll see something that amazes you: Ken P's Coin/Stamp/Bill Novelties.


Possibly coming soon: a coin identification site. I'm thinking four types of identifying: by English words (like "Regina"), by non-English words (like "Magyar"), images of foreign letters (like Greek or Hebrew), and images of common symbols.


Here's a fun project I thought of in 1995, but finally put into effect in 2007. With all the year-to-year changes in Canadian coins, especially through the 1970s, I wanted to document these changes in a year by year list.