Adding Music to Your Facebook Story: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Facebook continues to be a versatile platform, offering users innovative ways to express themselves. One such feature that enhances the storytelling experience is the ability to add music to your Facebook story. The infusion of music adds a dynamic and personalized touch to your content, making it more appealing to friends and followers alike. In this detailed guide, we will take you through the intricate process of adding music to your Facebook story, providing a comprehensive walkthrough to ensure an enriched storytelling experience.

Step 1: Open Facebook and Navigate to Your Story

To embark on the journey of adding music to your Facebook story, start by opening the Facebook app on your mobile device or accessing the Facebook website on your computer. Once logged in, locate the story feature, typically situated at the top of your News Feed or within the Stories section. If you’re using a computer, look for the “Create a Story” option on the left side of the screen. Clicking on this option will initiate the process of crafting your captivating story.

Step 2: Capture or Select a Photo/Video for Your Story

With the groundwork laid, the next step involves selecting or capturing the visual content for your story. Facebook allows you to either take a new photo or video using your device’s camera or choose from existing media in your gallery. The selection you make sets the foundation for your story and dictates the atmosphere you want to convey. Once your choice is made, proceed to the next step in the creative process.

Step 3: Access the Music Feature

To infuse your story with the magic of music, locate the music icon on the editing screen. This icon is usually represented by musical notes and can be found either on the main editing screen or within a dedicated music section. By tapping on this icon, you’ll gain access to the diverse world of musical options that Facebook has integrated into its platform.

Step 4: Choose Your Music

Facebook provides an extensive library of licensed music spanning various genres, moods, and popularity rankings. Navigate through the options, utilizing categories and search functionalities to find the perfect track for your story. Upon selecting a song, take a moment to preview it and ensure it complements the ambiance you want to create. The choice of music plays a crucial role in establishing the mood of your story, so pick a track that resonates with your narrative.

Step 5: Customize the Music

Personalization is key when adding music to your Facebook story. Depending on the platform’s features at the time, you might have the opportunity to customize aspects of the music. This could include selecting a specific segment of the song, adjusting the starting point, modifying the duration, or fine-tuning the volume. These customization options allow you to synchronize the music with your visual content seamlessly.

Step 6: Add Text, Stickers, or Filters

Elevate your storytelling by incorporating additional elements into your Facebook story. Beyond music, the platform offers an array of creative tools such as text, stickers, and filters. Experiment with these features to add layers to your narrative, making your story visually captivating and uniquely yours. These elements can complement the music and enhance the overall impact of your content.

Step 7: Preview Your Story

Before sharing your story with the world, take a moment to preview it. This step is crucial in ensuring that all elements – the music, visuals, text, and any added features – harmonize cohesively. By previewing your story, you have the opportunity to make any final adjustments, guaranteeing that the end result aligns with your creative vision.

Step 8: Share Your Story

Once you’ve perfected your Facebook story, it’s time to share it with your audience. Locate the “Share” or “Post” button, depending on your device, and confidently release your creation into the digital realm. Your story, enriched with music and creative elements, will be visible to your friends and followers, eliciting engagement and feedback.


Adding music to your Facebook story is a gratifying and accessible way to amplify your content and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Facebook’s user-friendly interface and diverse range of features empower users to embark on a creative journey with ease. As you explore the possibilities, experiment with different songs, styles, and combinations to discover what resonates best with your audience. So, unleash your creativity, enhance your storytelling on Facebook, and let the music play – transforming your stories into immersive and memorable experiences.

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